Bring me home

Our little piece of the country, a small town in Southwest Wisconsin, is beautiful beyond description. Its rolling hills and oak savannas, fertile soil and small dairy farms hide the reality that it is sometimes hard to make a living here and that yes, families struggle. But if you pay attention, you'll notice that it's a place full of community: There are Fireman's Dances and help from the farmers when it's time to bring in the crops. This community will do anything they can for their young ones, holding (sometimes unorthodox) school fundraisers and steak feeds at the American Legion to raise money for schools and families in need.

"Bring me Home" is a body of work that began with my eyes and ears, and finally, with my heart. No matter how much I travel, this farm is the place where my heart, and yes, my camera, wants to return to. They always Bring me Home.